Hormone Replacement Male – Does Hormone Replacement Work For Males?

It comes as a surprise to many that males go through their own form of menopause. It may not be as severe or as obvious as what many women suffer through, but some men do experience discomfort due to reduced testosterone production later in life. Also, just as women have seen success in the relief of symptoms through hormone replacement therapy, men can also find relief from supplementing with extra testosterone in some form. In fact, when it comes to hormone replacement, male bodies may actually take to it better for the simple fact that they never really cease testosterone production all together, so their bodies may more readily accept the treatment.

Hormone Replacement Male

In terms of hormone replacement, male sufferers have three options. There are injections, pills, and a gel form of testosterone. Which form is used is really a personal choice, as each has its pros and cons. Injections, for example, work quickly as they hit the blood stream immediately. However, they are uncomfortable and often the effects wear off between injections. Pills can work more consistently, as another pill can be taken before the first wears off, but they take longer to hit the bloodstream, and if you forget to take a pill you have to start all over. The gel form of testosterone replacement really has the least drawbacks as it can hit the bloodstream quickly, and be used consistently.

As far as hormone replacement, male bodies may react to the gel the best. It is absorbed directly into the blood stream when rubbed onto pulse points, meaning it works quickly, and it can be reapplied without a doctor’s help, rather than having to go in for an injection. Whichever method is chosen, the fact is hormone replacement therapy has be shown to provide great relief to many who suffer from low testosterone levels, also known as Low T.

Natural supplements are also an option when it comes to hormone replacement. Male athletes and others may feel more comfortable with this. The only problem is that these are not regulated by the FDA, and though some studies have shown success, there is not enough evidence to conclusively show that they work. The only way to find out if natural supplements will work in any individual to raise testosterone levels is for that person to get informed, and then if they decide to try it, find out for themselves if it works for them.