Sex And Alcohol – How Alcohol Effects Your Sexual Life?

by Nick Swanson

Alcohol effects your sexual life
Taking moderate amounts of alcohol can make one feel relaxed, sexy and in the mood for sex. However, taking too much alcohol can reduce sexual drive and libido. Alcohol increases the amounts of toxins in the body and this affects the body functioning in various ways. This will in turn have an effect on the sexual activity of an individual.

The following are ways in which alcohol affects sexual activity:


Alcohol increases the level of toxins in the body and therefore a lot of water is removed while the body is trying to remove the harmful products. This leaves the body with reduced amount of fluids and this in turn affects the blood volume in the body. Sexual activity requires the sexual organs to be supplied well with blood. This includes the brain and the penis that are required for the sexual activity. When there is reduced blood flow to these areas, the sexual activity is impaired.

Alcohol Depresses The Central Nervous System

The central nervous system is made up of the brain and the spinal cord. These parts of the brain are useful in ensuring that one has a healthy sexual activity. Sexual activity starts in the brain where messages are sent to the sexual organs in preparation for sexual activity. The messages are sent to the nerves, hormones, penis and the blood vessels that dilate to increase the blood supply to the penis. When the central nervous system is depressed, there is interference with the parts of the body that help one with achieving arousal and orgasm.

Reduced Erections

Taking a lot of alcohol causes one to have fewer erections and a problem in achieving erections. This is because alcohol causes dehydration in the body and this interferes with the flow of blood. Alcohol also increases the level of angiotensin, a hormone that increases the risk of getting erectile problems. When the man has a difficulty in getting erections, this may cause a strain in the relationship and this will in turn have an effect on the sexual activity.

Delayed Ejaculation

Studies have shown that the men who take a lot of alcohol have a problem achieving an orgasm. This causes the men to have problems with ejaculation and most of them present with delayed ejaculation. Some men are unable to achieve an erection at all after taking alcohol while some had difficulties in achieving an erection. This is mainly because alcohol reduces the amount of blood flowing to the penis. This lowers the intensity of orgasms and reduces the sexual pleasure.

Increased Risk Of Getting Erectile Dysfunction

Studies have shown that the men who take alcohol have an increased risk of getting erectile dysfunction. The people who consume alcohol associate it with increased sex drive. Alcohol has been shown to elevate the desire to have sexual activity while reducing the performance. This is because of its effects on the central nervous system that is made of the brain, nerves and the spinal cord.

Increased Chance Of Getting Sexually Transmitted Infections

Alcohol intake has been associated with risky and unwise behaviors because the mental capacity of an individual is impaired after taking alcohol. People who have been intoxicated with alcohol are likely to have sexual intercourse with strangers. This increases the chance of getting pregnant, catch infections and even break up marriages or relationships.

Smoking Repercussions

There are people who smoke when they are drunk and this will increase the chances of getting erectile dysfunction. This is because the smoke that is contained in cigarettes causes hardening and narrowing of the blood vessels. This causes a reduction of blood flowing to the sexual organs and this includes the brain, heart and the penis. When there is decreased blood flow to these organs, there is impairment in the sexual function.

Reduced Libido

Libido is what makes one want to engage in a sexual activity and it is closely associated with sexual drive. Taking excessive alcohol will impair the internal processes of the body that help in sexual stimulation. Alcohol also affects the blood flow to the sexual organs that include the heart, brain and the penis. This reduces the capacity of the body to support the increased uptake of oxygen that usually happens during a sexual activity. This causes one to have a reduced sex drive and libido.


Taking a bit of alcohol can make one relaxed and in the mood of having sex. However, too much alcohol has negative effects on the sexual activity. This is because it reduces libido, sex drive and increases the risk of getting erectile dysfunction and other sexually transmitted disease. It also causes delayed ejaculation and difficulty achieving and maintaining erections. This is because alcohol interferes with the functioning of the sexual organs in the body. This includes the heart, brain and the penis that are involved for one to be able to achieve and maintain asexual activity.