How Can a Man Last Longer In Bed? – Some Tips for Stamina Success

by Nick Swanson

Most men have strong opinions on their sexual prowess, whether they think that they’re the greatest lovers ever or think that they could use some improvement in the sex department. It doesn’t matter if you deal with premature ejaculation or not – every man probably wants to learn how to last a little bit longer in the bedroom. If you’re one of the many men out there who are trying to figure out how can a man last longer in bed, there are a multitude of different tips and tricks that you can employ to help yourself last longer and please your partner more completely.

How Can a Man Last Longer In Bed

The first trick to master if you’re trying to learn how you last longer in bed, is self-control. There are a couple of things to focus on here. The first is to exercise the male kegel muscles, the same ones that stop your urine in mid-stream. Flex them daily to help improve your ability to stop a climax from occurring when you feel it coming on. The pinch method of squeezing the urethra will also help stop orgasms before they occur and can be practiced during masturbation to help you learn how to master it. In fact, just masturbating an hour to half hour prior to sex can help you last longer as well.

Also be sure that you learn how to recognize an orgasm at it approaches so that you can stop it, either by stopping your thrusts or through the pinch method. Another great tip to keep in mind when learning just how can a man last longer in bed is to make very small thrusts. A woman’s nerves are most concentrated at the opening of the vagina and focusing on two to three inch thrusts will help you last longer during intercourse and still satisfy her immensely. And inserting completely into her and then making very small, short thrusts is equally enjoyable for both of you.

And focusing on your partner is key when understanding how can a man last longer in bed, as well. Use long bouts of foreplay, stimulating her with oral sex, toys, or your hands to build her up towards climax before worrying about yourself. If you have an orgasm before her, work to please her afterwards. And don’t hesitate to pull out and concentrate on her if you feel an orgasm approaching. Taking the time to please your partner is the best way to ensure that both of you enjoy sexual intercourse, no matter how long you may last before reaching climax.