How Can Penis Size Affect Man’s Thinking?

by Nick Swanson

The question here is “how does the penis size affect the psychological process of men?” In the normal basis, it affects one’s ego as men are expected to be the dominant one. When it comes to sexual intercourse, smaller penis will be the point of embarrassment. A lot of guys with below average penis size have low self-esteem. Some of them are afraid to go into a relationship. More of them are suffering from bad relationships with their wives because they can’t give the satisfaction their partner desires. These happenings can affect the natural psychological process of men. Because of its vulgarity in the World Wide Web, many innocent men will be affected.

Here are some of the problems that occur in men’s psychological process if they have smaller penis:

Small Penis Syndrome

How Can Penis Size Affect Man’s Thinking?

Small Penis Syndrome is the state of the mind when a man always thinks that his penis is small when in fact it’s not that small. This syndrome is brought by the obsession for some sexual ideas. Men with this syndrome are very convinced that their penises are too small. They also have the feeling that they cannot please any woman via sexual intercourse. These men are either too much focused on what women want or they are so preoccupied of themselves (narcissism).

Sexual Fears

Because of this lurking issue on the internet, men are now having sexual fears. They fear that their size is not adequate to satisfy their partner. They fear that their partners will have the perception that they are less than a man. Men always associate size with virility. They worry that they will not be a suitable partner for anyone.

Sometimes this fear comes when men watch those adult entertainment showcasing lengthy penises.


If you have these problems off your mind, what you must do is to be sure of your manhood. Anyway, there are ways to improve penis size.

You can try some penis exercises. One of the most known exercises is the “Jelq”. Therapists prove that this activity can significantly improve the penis size. Many guys are doing it because it’s easy and effective. You can try this by doing these procedures:

  • Lubricate your manhood
  • Curve your thumb and index fingers around your penis.
  • Milk it in a forward motion.

Repeat the process accordingly. This procedure will improve the blood flow towards your penis. You all well know that the steady flow of blood in the genitalia creates and sustain the erection.

Another solution you should try are natural penis enlargement supplements. There are plenty of effective herbs which you can use in order to improve penis size. These are preferred by many because they are safe and effective. Among the powerful herbs are yohimbe, ginkgo, and ginseng. Find these substances in the ingredient list of the product you want to buy and you can be sure that it’s safe and effective.