How Can You Last Longer in Bed? – Tricks to Keep Your Love Life on Track

by Nick Swanson

One of the age-old questions that men continue to ask is how can you last longer in bed? Men generally want to please their partners, and having a satisfying sexual experience is a large part of that. Of course, some women don’t mind a quickie now and then, but most prefer a longer session of sexual activity. If a man can’t last very long in bed, he may have trouble keeping a partner – and both he and his partner may feel unfulfilled. There are various techniques that can be used in order to last longer.

One of the tricks used to last longer in bed is the distraction method. As a man approaches orgasm, he will switch his attention to something else. It doesn’t matter what he thinks about, as long as it’s completely unrelated to sex. That distraction can cause a man to last longer, but only if he’s able to switch his attention in time and really focus on something else. Men who have trouble focusing on anything else during a sexual encounter may not be able to use the distraction method with any degree of success.

Men can also use the stop-start technique, where they stop when they are getting close to ejaculation and start again once they have relaxed a little bit. This can only go on for so long before it becomes too much and ejaculation occurs. It is also possible for a man to masturbate shortly before sexual activity, so that he will not be as sensitive to quick ejaculation. This can help him last longer for his partner. Another option – although not as common – is for a man to take antidepressants. A lowering of sexual response is one of the side effects. Generally that’s unwanted, but it can help a man last longer.

If you’re asking yourself the question how can you last longer in bed, antidepressants could be your answer. Keep in mind, though, that it’s very important to take them only under the care of a doctor and with a valid prescription. Taking strong medications that are intended for someone else can be dangerous to your health, and should be avoided. Antidepressants also have side effects, so weigh all of your options carefully before you decide if they’re right for you. Often, they are only used in severe cases of premature ejaculation, and not for men who are just looking for more stamina in the bedroom.