How Common Is Impotence?

by Nick Swanson

Erectile impotence is more commonly known as erectile dysfunction or ED. It happens when a man encounters difficulty with maintaining erections. Some men who suffer from erectile impotence aren’t able to successfully get an erection at all. This disorder is very frustrating for a lot of men, especially when they have other health issues. Most men who have erectile impotence are over the age of 40. These symptoms can be quite commonplace in men who are elderly. There are many different options available for men who have erectile impotence.

Erectile Impotence

There are some things that can hinder successful treatment of erectile impotence. One is the fact that many men find this subject very embarrassing to cope with. Having erectile impotence, in some men, can diminish their feelings of being masculine. There is also a very real concern about disappointing their partners. Erectile impotence can also lead to a lot of stress and tension, especially during times of intimacy. Men often feel very inadequate, which causes the problem to worsen. When you have erectile impotence symptoms, you want to make sure that you discuss the issue with your doctor, so that proper treatment can be used.

You will find that you’re at risk for erectile impotence if you have certain health problems. These include heart disease, which often involves circulatory issues. If you have erectile impotence symptoms and are being treated for heart disease, use caution. Some drugs that are used for erectile dysfunction or ED symptoms are known to make blood pressure levels drop very rapidly. Before you take any drugs for erectile impotence, check with your doctor about other medications and supplements. You may be required to monitor your blood pressure levels quite closely. Also, use caution when using over-the-counter remedies for erectile impotence, because these can interact with some medications.

Another risk factor for erectile impotence is issues with the prostate. Many men who are middle-aged or elderly have a prostate that is enlarged. If your erectile impotence symptoms are new, you may want to consider having your prostate checked. This can be easily done in your doctor’s office, and may hopefully rule out any serious problems. Although erectile impotence is frustrating it is not necessarily a sign of a serious problem. It does help to err on the side of caution and have any unusual symptoms like this checked. Sometimes, erectile impotence or other problems can effectively help diagnose an issue that requires immediate attention.