How Do I Last Longer In Bed? – Things to Keep In Mind

by Nick Swanson

If you’re concerned about your sexual performance then the odds are good that you’re asking yourself one simple question – “how do I last longer in bed?” Most men assume that there is no real way to control their orgasms and that it’s simply a matter of some men being quicker than most. But the truth is that genetics have little to no effect on sexual stamina. It’s more about self-control than anything else, and learning a few different techniques and skills can help you become a master in the bedroom and please your partner immensely. You’ll also likely impress yourself with your newfound abilities.

How Do I Last Longer In Bed The first thing to focus on is more than just ‘ how do I last longer in bed‘. Before you learn these techniques, remember to focus on your partner. Foreplay, oral sex, and stimulating them in other ways can drastically increase their pleasure and can even lead them to have an orgasm before you ever make penetration. Even in the midst of sex, don’t be afraid to stop for a few moments and concentrate on their needs instead of your own. You’ll last much longer and your partner will enjoy intercourse much more when you keep this in mind.

Once you do begin having sex, consider using short motions instead of long thrusts. Small and shallow movements are more enjoyable to women in many cases since most nerve endings are at the vagina’s entrance, and you’ll last longer with small thrusts. If you reach the point where you feel a climax approaching, stop for a moment and even pinch the tip of the penis to help stop an orgasm from occurring. Applying pressure to the urethra just below the head of the penis can stop an orgasm. This technique is vital if you’re asking yourself ‘how do I last longer in bed?’

Also, learning how to identify the various stages of your own arousal will help you answer the question of ‘how do I last longer in bed?’ Assign a ‘one’ to being not aroused at all and a ‘ten’ to the point of orgasm. Learn the different stages and try to keep yourself at about a seven during sex. In the event that you do climax, don’t just stop for the evening. Shift all of your attention on your partner for a while. Eventually you should reach the point of being aroused again and be able to continue with intercourse.