How Do Last Longer In Bed? – Tips to Remember

by Nick Swanson

Sex is everywhere around us, from advertisements to television. And it can have a profound impact on our happiness, as much as some may not want to admit. Sexual performance has a big impact on how men feel about themselves and even how their partners may feel about them. Whether you’re having issues with premature ejaculation or just want to improve your overall performance, learning how do last longer in bed is a great idea that is well worth focusing on. You’ll not only be able to satisfy your partner more completely, but you’ll also feel better about yourself afterwards.

There are a few different tips for how do last longer in bed. To begin with, take the time to learn how to identify an oncoming orgasm. When you learn how to recognize it, slow down your pace or withdraw completely for a few moments and give it time to subside. While some people suggest thinking of odd things like football games, this only works for a few people. Concentrating on your body will ensure that you recognize a climax before it is too late. Most men have also found that they have more control over their orgasms if the woman is on top during sex.

Different exercises can also help you learn how do last longer in bed. Things like flexing of the male kegel muscles can give you more control over your body and learning the ‘pinch’ technique will help you stop orgasms as many times as you like during intercourse, further improving your ability to last longer. And many men utilize condoms even if they don’t actually need them since they can help desensitize the penis and make it take much longer to reach climax. Any or all of these techniques are excellent ways to improve your sexual stamina and please your partner more completely.

That last point is worth focusing on as well. If you’re trying to learn how do last longer in bed then you’re probably concerned about pleasing your partner. Not only can you last longer during sex, but you can satisfy them more completely if you take the time to focus on them. Oral sex, foreplay, and even stopping during sex to please them further will help them achieve orgasm with or before you and will also help your sexual activities last much longer. When you’re focused on your partner you’ll likely last longer and both of you will enjoy sex much more.