How Important Is Sex in a Healthy Relationship?

A relationship that lacks sex is usually boring and doomed to fail in the end because sex is a key aspect of establishing a strong and long-lasting relationship. In most romantic relationships physical attraction and desire play a very important role.

Sex in a healthy relationship remains a crucial factor for most couples in serious commitments like marriages and lack of it can come with very serious implications.

In the past, it was often mistaken that it was men who were interested in sex more than men but the latest findings have proven that to be false.

Below are reasons why sex in a healthy relationship matters::

#1 Reason – Helps to Enhance the Connection of the Couples

Sex helps you to get more intimate with your spouse and this will make the two of you be fonder of each other. Sex can help enhance the chemistry between you and your partner and help cement your relationship. This is why it is very important that you find time for each other to have sex at least two times or three per week.

#2 Reason – Sex Helps to Bring about Good Feelings

Coming home from a hard day’s work and meeting with your partner who will be more than willing to have sex with you will certainly help release your stress levels. Studies suggest that couples who regularly have sex have the capacity to respond better to stress than those who don’t.

#3 Reason – Sex Helps Ensure that Couples Have Good Health

The climax of sex is usually referred to as orgasm and scientific research claims that orgasm helps in the expulsion of toxic chemicals from the body. Sex hormones such as testosterone and estrogen also peak during sex and of course, there is a link to good health with enough of these chemicals in the body.

Regular sex has also been found to enhance cardiovascular health, reduce the likelihood of developing prostate cancer and also helps to suppress osteoporosis.

#4 Reason – Sex is A Good Form of Good Exercise

Sex is a great way to burn calories and couples who engage in regular sex usually burn more calories than can be imagined. Having intense sex with your partner and also making it to last long will make you burn even more calories together!

#5 Reason – Sex Helps With Boosting Self Esteem

Couples who have sex with their partners usually feel confident about themselves after the act unlike those who don’t. When you constantly have sex together with your lady you feel more secure, loved and committed to each other.

#6 Reason – Sex Helps Keep the Spark Alive

Couples who have sex regularly are usually more connected to their partners than those who don’t. By not having sex chances are that you may get estranged to each other and this could possibly lead to a breakup. A relationship where couples are liberal about sex remains natural and exciting.

Helps to Enhance Libido for the Couples

When couples have sex the more they will want more of it from their partner. This is helpful to the couple with less interest in sex as sex will offer an opportunity to get better.

#7 Reason – Sex is Fun

Sex is nice, sweet and enjoyable when done between couples who love each other. A relationship should make you happy and so it will be great to help spice it up with fun. Be free to your partner and be open to her about what you feel having sex together.

#8 Reason – Sex Brings about Feelings of Well-Being Amongst Couples

When you have sex frequently with your partner you will feel better. Most men and women after having sex usually have a good night sleep. A good night sleep is healthy for your brain and body too.

#9 Reason – Improves Your Heart Health

Sex has been found to help bring about a good state of a person’s emotional heart health. Sex also enhances the physical health of the heart thus ensuring that blood is pumped throughout the body optimally. These facts just confirm that couples who do regular sex rip all the benefits mentioned here.

#11 Reason – Sex Helps Boost Your Intelligence

Studies suggest that regular sex stimulates brain cell growth and this may bring about improved intelligence on couples who do it regularly.

#12 Reason – Sex Helps Couples Discover their Partners More

Couples who do regular sex have a deeper understanding of each other more than those who don’t. Men who do sex regularly with their ladies find it easy to know what turns their ladies on more than men who don’t.

This is the same for ladies who also do regular sex with their men. This means that more sex will definitely ensure more satisfaction and fulfillment.


Going by the above explanations of the impact of sex on relationships it can be concluded that indeed it remains a very important thing for any meaningful relationship. Sex is usually looked at negatively by society and this is why some couples experience sex-related problems.

Unfortunately, there are many relationships that have collapsed as a result of sex-related issues. Couples who understand the importance of sex to their relationships are more likely to last long together. You can rekindle your long lost sex life by using a supplement like Vigor 100 Review which will boost your sex life.

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