How is your Libido Different to Hers?

by Nick Swanson

Libido is a driving force behind many relationships and their overall health. Simply put, intimacy is important for couples and when one partner isn’t interested in sex, it can cause a variety of issues to arise including feelings of frustration, depression, and anger. It’s no secret that male and female libido is different, but there are a lot of misconceptions out there that should be addressed.

How is your Libido Different to Hers?

For starters, forget the rumor that women have less sexual desire than men do. The fact is that sometimes men are less interested in sex while some women are obsessed with sex. It’s a little bit easier for guys to display their interest in sex without getting insulted, which leads to this myth. However, men do seek out sex with more gusto than women, and some studies have found that men want sex more than women do at the beginning of a relationship. Men also worry more about their performance, which leads to a larger market for male enhancement products than there are for females.

A big difference in libido between men and women is that a woman’s sexual desire is far more complex than a man’s. Men generally have very specific ‘types’ and interests, while women are often have much more complex interests that mean that pinpointing specific ‘turn ons’ may be trickier for women.

Women also seem to be influenced more by social factors or cultural factors than men are. For instance, men who attend church don’t show major differences in their sexual appetite than men who don’t. But women churchgoers are less open when it comes to sex than women who don’t attend church. Women’s willingness to try different sexual practices will change more as time goes on than men as well.

Women’s libidos are also influenced much more heavily by their hormones. Hormones impact both men and women’s sexual desire, without question. But women have to deal with numerous fluctuations in their hormones including things like their menstrual cycle and even menopause. These hormonal shifts can often change their sexual desire quickly and without warning.

Simply put, men and women are different creatures with different sexuality. That certainly doesn’t mean that women aren’t interested in sex, or that they enjoy it any less than men. It’s just that women are much more complex when it comes to their sexual desires and their overall sexuality. It’s not easily understood, but the differences are indeed present.