How Male Enhancement Works? The Working Mechanism

There are a variety of options for male enhancement out there to try. Each of these options have different levels of success and aren’t right for everyone. Before pursuing any type of male enhancement, it is important to talk with a doctor or other medical professional to determine if they are safe for you. These options include everything from pills and lotions to pumps and exercises. If you are considering one of these, it is important to learn how male enhancement works.

How Male Enhancement Works?

The most common type of enhancement products out there is pills and lotions. These tools for male enhancement work by increasing blood flow to the penis with the claim that they will make them larger. The pills and lotions include some combination of herbs, vitamins, minerals and/or hormones. So far a very few number of these pills have provided a long-term effect for clients and some are even dangerous for patients with high blood pressure, cholesterol and other forms of heart disease. These products should not be used without the direction of a physician.

Other options for male enhancement work by doing some sort of physical manipulation to the penis. These enhancements are stretching, exercises and using a vacuum pump. Stretching of the penis involves using a stretcher or extender. The device is attached to the penis, which places a constant traction on the organ and is said to lengthen and widen it. The device is used for four to six hours a day and the average growth measured is less than two centimeters. The safety of this method has not been established as there have been no in-depth studies conducted. The penis can also be exercised in a method called “jelqing.” Jelqing is a hand over hand motion that forces blood to the head of the penis. This method has been found to cause scarring, pain and disfigurement of the penis and should be done with extreme caution.

Vacuum pumps have generally been found to have highest success rate even though it is only temporary. This form of male enhancement by using a pump to draw blood into the penis. The pumps are generally used for men with erectile dysfunction. Using a pump repeatedly and for longer than is needed for impotence treatment can cause weakened tissue in the penis, causing weaker erections. Vacuum pumps do briefly enlarge the penis but the result is not permanent.