How Male Impotence Occurs?

by Nick Swanson

Reasons for impotence in men can occur in a number of ways. The member remains limp if there is not any blood flow to it. However, other underlying causes make this happen. Surprisingly, sometimes they are not related to an injury. If a man is in an unsuitable relationship, this can cause the libido to be low and they will subconsciously become impotent. Some physicians believe that psychological factors play a big part in impotence. These can range from sexual abuse as a child or teenager or from medical conditions that the man may be suffering.

How Male Impotence Occurs?

Staying in an uncomfortable or harmful relationship are reasons for impotence in men. Despite what the relationship was in the beginning, if it has reached a point that your partner no longer sexually excites you, it is time to leave. This is hard for both you and your partner. But, you must be in a good relationship to be happy. Following a good relationship is good sex practices. You can return to your normally potent self as long as you are with the right person. Being with the wrong person makes everyone unhappy. And, it can cause stress, depression and anxiety.

Psychological effects are reasons for impotence in men. These can occur when a man has had a traumatic sexual experience. This can very well affect the libido, sex drive and mentality of a person. Sometimes, these affect men in ways that often go untreated. Most men do not report traumatic sexual experiences such as rape. There may be the issue of pride that does not allow that. However, these experiences should not be kept in secret. Talking with a psychiatrist can help eliminate the sexual feelings of contempt or even rage. It is important to let your medical care specialist know about what you may have suffered before.

Medical conditions are the main reasons for impotence in men. These can range from diabetes to poor cardiovascular health. If your diabetes is improperly managed, you can expect to have poor circulation to all parts of your body. This does include blood flow to your penis. If you are experiencing impotence from a cardiovascular disease, your physician may put you on a diet. You will have to eliminate fatty foods, sugary products and starchy items in order to get your health back on track. An exercise routine may be put in place for you. Always consult a doctor when dealing with cardiovascular problems.