How Many Men Have ED? – Many Men Share Your Condition

If you’re dealing with erectile dysfunction (ED) you’re not alone. You may feel that way, though, because problems like ED can be frustrating and embarrassing. Many men don’t want to talk about sexual problems with their doctors, or even with their partners. Asking yourself ‘how many men have ED?’ can lead you to research that states how under diagnosed the condition often is. However, it has been estimated that between 18 and 30 million men in the United States alone have erectile dysfunction. It is more common in older men – past the age of 45 – but young men can experience it occasionally, as well.

How many men have ed

Once you know How Many Men Have ED?, you may feel more inclined to see your doctor and seek treatment. There is nothing to be ashamed of, and sexual issues deserve just as much treatment as issues with other bodily systems. Not being able to achieve or maintain an erection can cause a man to feel inferior, and can also cause tension and stress between that man and his partner. If you’re able to have an open, honest discussion with your partner about sexual health issues, that may go a long way toward allowing you to feel comfortable enough to seek treatment.

Most men with ED take medications such as Cialis or Viagra. The number of prescriptions that have been filled for these drugs in recent years also gives a better picture of the number of men who may be struggling with erectile dysfunction. Of course, there are other options for some men. Various herbs and supplements are offered for ED, and there are also pumps and other devices which are said to help men achieve and maintain erections. What you use in order to treat your ED should be up to you, but you’ll want to choose something that’s both safe and effective.

Discovering how many men have ED is only the start of the journey. While it might help to make you more comfortable and resolved to get your own issues treated, just knowing about other men won’t fix the problem. See your doctor. Have that conversation, even if it’s uncomfortable. Have the conversation with your partner, too, if you haven’t already. Your relationship can become stronger as you look for new ways to be close and to solve your ED problems. With new treatments available today, you need not suffer in silence.