How Often do Men Ejaculate? – What’s Normal, and What’s Not?

by Nick Swanson

How Often do Men Ejaculate
The question how often do men ejaculate isn’t one that can easily be answered. That’s because every man is different and some have a stronger sex drive than others. For men who are very sexual, ejaculation may occur once a day, while other men may go days or weeks without any need to ejaculate.

Neither man would be considered to be abnormal, as long as they were engaging in healthy sexual behaviors. The sexual opportunities a man has can also affect how often he ejaculates, because a man with a willing partner will have sex more often than a man who is without a partner.

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While a man without a partner may answer the how often do men ejaculation question by frequently masturbating, not all men are highly inclined to take care of their own needs in that way. Some would prefer to wait for a partner, at least most of the time, and others are only concerned with the orgasm itself. In addition, some men may ejaculate in their sleep based on a dream they are having. While this is more common in boys and very young men, it can also happen to older men.

There seems to be some concern in the male population about ejaculation and what is normal. If you have concerns about ejaculation, or you want a medical answer to the question how often do men ejaculate, your doctor would be the best one to talk to. He can provide you with information that may ease your mind if you have concerns, and he’s also more likely to be able to show you statistical information that can make you feel more comfortable. For some men, ejaculation becomes somewhat of a compulsion. That can harm a man’s self-esteem and his relationships, and is something that should be dealt with professionally.

If you’re having trouble with premature or delayed ejaculation, or you feel that you can answer the how often do men ejaculate question with a high frequency that is not considered normal, seeing a doctor or a sexual therapist can help you discover the root of your problem. Until you discover why you’re having an issue with ejaculation, it can be very difficult to treat the problem. Of course, you should also talk to your partner so that she can help you with any problems you have. Understanding and support are vital during a difficult or upsetting time in anyone’s life.