How Penis Enlargement Techniques Work?

It’s not exactly news that men would want to have a bigger penis. For several years, men have strived to improve their manhood in terms of size, length and girth. After all, a bigger manhood is often associated with being strong, macho and a perfect lover. There are several ways to enlarge a penis but one effective technique for one may not work for another. Each man has his individual needs and preference, so a technique should be customized to cater to a man’s own uniqueness.

How Penis Enlargement Techniques Work

There are several penis enlargement techniques nowadays and they include exercises, use of devices, male enhancement products and surgeries.

Penis Enlargement Exercises

Penis enlargement exercises are natural ways to improve the size of the penis and prevent it from shrinking. An exercise called jelqing or milking is performed by stretching the penile tissues and encouraging the blood to fill the head of the penis. This exercise is said to improve the penile dimensions during erection and the improvement will become permanent once the penis has adapted at a cellular level.

Squeezing exercises may also be administered to improve penile length and girth. They involve squeezing and bending motions of the penis forcing the blood to flow into the penis glans.

Penis Enlargement Devices

Penis enlargement devices such as extenders are basically used to create traction into the penis and they help to extend penis length and girth. The goal of these devices is to extend the tunica albugenea by applying pressure and stress so that penis size is enhanced.

Penis Enlargement Products

There are a variety of penis enlargement products in the market today and they include gels, lotions, creams and pills. These products often contain herbs and chemicals which improve blood flow so that the penis becomes a lot larger especially during erection.

Penis Enlargement Surgeries

Phalloplasty or penile cosmetic surgery may also be performed to enhance the penis. These procedures may employ fat injections or skin grafts which will be placed on the penis so it becomes larger and longer.

The Risks

Each of these penis enlargement techniques comes with a risk. Penis enlargement exercises, when not done properly can cause deformation and scarring. Penis enlargement products may contain chemicals that pose serious health side effects. Penis enlargement surgeries may cause infections, tissue damage, scars and even erectile dysfunction.


If you are committed to enlarging your penis by utilizing one of the penis enlargement techniques, it is best to arm yourself with ample knowledge. Some of them may or may not work for you so you should know what to expect. Furthermore, it would be better to choose a technique or product that’s clinically proven and natural to minimize or avoid side effects. Phalloplasty should be performed by a certified surgeon. By carefully educating yourself with these techniques, you are also increasing your chances of making the right decisions.