How To Achieve A Bigger Penis?

by Nick Swanson

Not all men are created equal. Just as some men are tall and some short, penis sizes differ as greatly. Most erect penises ranges in length from five to six inches. There are varying degrees on either side of the spectrum. Width can be as greatly different, too. The ability to use the penis well can be a factor to consider when deciding if the penis needs to be bigger to give satisfaction. If a man is seeking a bigger penis, it is important to decide if he is getting the bigger member for his self-esteem or his partner’s pleasure.

How To Achieve Bigger Penis?

If the decision is made to increase the size of the penis, there are a few options available. If the change will be dramatic, surgery may be the only way to acquire a bigger penis. Research surgeons, and carefully audit their background, in order to prevent improper manipulation of data. Urologists are generally the best place to start when looking for a reputable surgeon or physician. They may be able to increase the girth of the penis by inserting fat into skin of the organ. Surgical implants have been used in the past to help men get a bigger penis.

If surgery does not seem like a good method, try some simple stretching exercises. The penis is covered by pliable skin, which stretches naturally during engorgement. It is possible to gently stretch the flaccid penile skin as far as it will go and manually hold it in place for a period of time. Much like earlobes stretch when pulled, penis skin can stretch as well. Use great care and gentleness during the stretching, as the skin of the penis is tender and can be made to bleed if handled with excessive zeal. Try stretching at least 10 minutes a day.

For those who do not find any of the aforementioned remedies appealing, plenty of natural supplements can help you achieve a larger penis size. Many of today’s pharmaceuticals are marketed to men who desire either greater performance, but little is available to achieve a bigger penis dimension. It can be tough to get a handle on which medicines are genuine or fake, so it is best to use common sense and caution before purchasing these types of products. The best tool available may be the internet. The internet can offer both natural and pharmaceutical remedies, and can offer cautions about products on the market. Bone up on research before you buy.