How to Beat Premature Ejaculation – Tips and Tricks that Work

by Nick Swanson

Every man deals with premature ejaculation at some point in his life, so it’s important to tell yourself that you’re not alone. Once you realize that this is a common issue and one that is easily overcome, then you can focus on how to beat premature ejaculation. Prescription medications exist, and most likely your doctor will prescribe an antidepressant because of the desensitizing side effects, but these can be costly if you don’t have insurance. You may also want to avoid chemical treatments. If that’s the case, there are plenty of natural alternatives that help build stamina, prolonging your sexual experience and boosting satisfaction.

How to beat premature ejaculation

First of all, relax. Relaxing goes a long way in how to beat premature ejaculation. Performance anxiety is the number one cause of this problem, but anxiety is common in both men and women, so keep the communication lines open and breathe deeply. During sex, if you realize that you’re about to climax too soon, distract yourself by thinking about something else. Anything else. The more boring and sad the better. This tricks the brain into thinking there’s no reason to be aroused, but you will maintain an erection until the urge to ejaculate lessens.

You may be wondering how to beat premature ejaculation more directly. Implement more foreplay to stimulate your partner to a state of arousal before sex, which may cut down on the actual time spent having intercourse. Use desensitizing creams, condoms, and squeeze methods to prolong sex. Squeezing the shaft of the tip of the penis for at least twenty seconds will cut down on stimulation. Another method is the stop and start method, which can be used in combination with the squeeze method. Practice these methods during masturbation to get to know your body and sensations to better gain control.

In researching how to beat premature ejaculation, you will undoubtedly come across herbal remedies. Countless herbal companies have taken advantage of the demand for alternative treatments by combining potent herbs into effective formulas for male sexual health. Some herbs you want to look for that help treat premature ejaculation include passion flower, valerian root, ginkgo biloba, hops, wild yam, ashwagandha, oat, ginger, and peppermint oil. Peppermint oil can be mixed with a carrier oil (like olive oil) and applied directly to the genitals for a numbing effect. A major bonus that comes with using peppermint oil is that it can be applied to your partner as massage oil, so you may feel less self-conscious about using it in the bedroom.