How to Control Premature Ejaculation? – Hands on Tips and Tricks

How to control premature ejaculation? It’s a question on a lot of men’s minds, so you’re definitely not alone. Most men will, at some point in their lives, suffer the embarrassment of premature ejaculation, but thankfully there’s much that can be done about it. Before trying herbal blends, prescription medication and alternative therapies, focus on the things you can do yourself to learn more about your body, its reactions, and ways in which you can stop a premature ejaculation before it starts. The stop and start technique is one example. This simply means you stop sex as soon as you feel an orgasm coming on, and then start up again when you feel more in control. It’s also a great excuse for changing positions regularly.

The pull out method is perhaps the best known remedy for men trying to figure out how to control premature ejaculation. This simply means that during sex, once you can anticipate the impending climax, you pull out. Nothing could be easier than that. Unfortunately it doesn’t always work and some men fail to pull out in time, but this is something that can be practiced without the pressure of a partner during masturbation. You can learn your body’s reaction times and limits so you can be better prepared for the actual performance.

If you have ever scoured the internet on how to control premature ejaculation, chances are you’ve come across something known as the squeeze method. This technique worked best when both partners are involved, so it requires some communication about the premature ejaculation problem, which some men may not feel comfortable discussing. The squeeze technique is also known as the “Masters and Johnson” method, named for the husband and wife duo that researched and developed it. As soon as you anticipate the orgasm, have your partner apply pressure to the penis head with her fingers. This instantly causes the penis to lose blood circulation, losing both arousal and erection.

It’s easier for your partner to do this because it’s difficult doing it on yourself because you may be more reserved about the amount of pressure to apply. The squeeze should be firm and quick to force the penis to shrink, and no pain is involved. Although you lose the erection, this allows you to continue foreplay until aroused once more, and the squeeze method can be repeated as often as you would like. It may seem like cheating, but there’s no quicker or easier way to answer the question of how to control premature ejaculation.