How to Delay Ejaculation? – Practice Makes Perfect

Delaying ejaculation is a concern for sexually inexperienced men as well as those suffering from certain age-related health issues. At one time or another, most men will deal with premature ejaculation so don’t think this is something with which you are struggling all alone. How to delay ejaculation is a highly searched topic online, and plenty of techniques exist that can help. One of the best things you can do is practice alone to learn your body’s reaction times and to increase stamina without worrying about a partner’s judgment.

How to Delay Ejaculation

It may be taboo, but masturbating is healthy and the best way to learn how to control premature ejaculation. Before attempting this technique, be sure to empty your bladder completely to reduce the pressure on your prostate and pubococcygeus muscle. Not emptying your bladder can cause you to ejaculate more quickly due to the increased pressure. Always use a lubricant to get a more realistic idea of your body’s response times that would occur during actual intercourse. When learning how to delay ejaculation, practice makes perfect so be patient.

One reason most sexually inexperienced young men have an issue with premature ejaculation is that they have always rushed masturbation. Don’t do this. Rushing masturbation only trains your brain and genitals to respond to sexual stimuli more quickly. A good rule of thumb is to set aside a full thirty minutes for masturbation. Anytime you feel like an orgasm is coming up before that thirty minute time limit, stop what you are doing and relax. Concentrate on taking deep breaths and wait to start up again until the arousal subsides. When training your body how to delay ejaculation in this manner, make sure you’ll have no interruptions and the surrounding environment is calm and relaxed.

During this process of training yourself how to delay ejaculation, don’t visualize sex constantly. Like controlling your breathing, controlling your mind helps keeps you relaxed and calm during sex. Training your body to rely on stimulating images during masturbation will only make the real act more difficult. Also, avoid getting excessively aroused prior to masturbating. If you only masturbate when you’re already aroused, you’re training your body to ejaculate quickly, and that translates into premature ejaculation during sex. Proper self-training to increase stamina should include authentic hip movements as well, so keeping your muscles strong and flexible and doing Kegel exercises regularly can help combat premature ejaculation.