How To Detect ED – When Your Body Confuses You?

by Nick Swanson

Our bodies are changing throughout our entire life, but it usually is not until well into adulthood that we begin to recognize the changes.

As children, we grow and change at a lightning fast pace, so there is little time to get used to how things are physically. We are also less self-aware, so the changes basically just happen without self-analysis.

Once we are adults, we settle into our bodies and understand what our personal version of normal is. While there is comfort in this familiarity, it means that changes are more noticeable when they do occur.

Many of the problems people face as they age are perfectly normal, but when they are happening to you, they can be scary. If you are worried about having a disease or you are asking yourself “May I have this ED condition?” it might be time to talk to your doctor.

How To Detect ED?

If you are worried about something changing in your body, the best thing to do is talk to your doctor. However, some people are uncomfortable and scared.

If you decide to look up information on your own, make sure you go to reliable sources. There is a lot of misleading information out there, so you need to understand what you can believe.

If a site is trying to sell something, the information is likely skewed. Some of it might be reliable, but you need to temper it with their desire to sell their product. If you are reluctant to go right to your doctor, at least ask for information about reliable medical sites.

You can also talk to other people with similar situations. This can be done anonymously online or you can talk to someone in your family or circle of friends. Sometimes just hearing that another person has faced the same condition is helpful.

You still need to consult your doctor, but the stress can be a lot less if you know your symptoms are relatively normal. There is always a chance your personal situation is different, but feeling better about things eases your stress.

Finally, get to know your own body. Though you wake up and go to sleep everyday with the same body, some people are not in tune with their physical being. It takes time to learn what is normal for you.

As you age, you should pick up on cues and know when something is not right. For instance, a man might know that drinking too much leads to ED.

He can expect to struggle in the bedroom on nights when he has too much to drink, so when it happens, he does not need to worry. However, if ED symptoms flare up when he has had no alcohol, he will know it is a signal that something is wrong. Knowing your own body is one of the easiest ways to deal with health concerns.