How to Easily Reach the G – Spot?

All guys want to please their partner in bed, and for many it can sometimes seem as though female sexuality is as difficult to understand as quantum physics. But chances are that a few things are at least familiar to guys, even if they’re not fully understood. A good example is certainly the G-Spot, that mysterious location that supposedly turns a romantic encounter into something incredible.

How to Easily Reach the G - Spot?

Before you learn how to easily reach the G-Spot, you need to know more about what it is. Basically, it’s kind of a ‘sweet spot’ inside a woman’s vagina that is highly sensitive and capable of creating stunning orgasms that could even lead to female ejaculation. Each woman will enjoy G-Spot stimulation differently, but there are few who don’t enjoy having it massaged, teased, and pleased.

So how do you reach it or even find it at all? There are some simple steps to keep in mind.

  • First, use foreplay before any romantic encounter. The G-Spot fills with blood and swells up when sexual arousal occurs. This makes it much easier to find the special spot when you need to. Foreplay will be a big part of making it easier to find and stimulate this spot.
  • Now, with your partner lying on her back, insert one or two fingers into her vagina as far as they’ll go comfortably. Crook upwards, making the ‘come here’ motion as you rub your fingertips across her upper vaginal wall or ‘front’ wall.
  • As you move your fingers, feel for a rough spot that feels ridged and rough compared to the surrounding tissue. Congratulations! You’ve found the G-Spot.

Once that you find it the next step will be to tease, please, and massage it properly. Most women will enjoy virtually anything involving their G-Spot within reason, of course. During intercourse, certain positions will actually probe the G-spot with your penis. Try different positions that push your penis at an angle that will make contact with the G-spot. Woman on top and doggy-style positions are usually the best when you’re trying to hit the G-spot. You can also use adult toys that are curved for G-spot stimulation. And of course, just using your fingers in a kind of firm tapping motion will also hit the spot just the way it needs to be hit.

They say practice makes perfect, and with a little work you can stimulate her in all the right ways!