How to Enlarge My Penis? – Looking at the Various Options

by Nick Swanson

While some men who have above average penises will likely be more than satisfied with what nature gave them, the rest of the world’s men have given the topic of ‘how to enlarge my penis’ at least some consideration. But starting with the basic issue of ‘how to enlarge my penis’ quickly becomes a bit more complicated when you start looking at the options. From pills and creams to pumps and weights, there are many options out there offering to answer the age old riddle of ‘how to enlarge my penis’. Some are slightly effective, some not at all. It’s important to look at the basics of all your options.

How To Enlarge my Penis

When you start considering ‘How to Enlarge My Penis’, you’ll likely look at pills first. There are no pills that can help you if you’re trying to decide ‘how to enlarge my penis’, but some may be able to boost blood flow in the penis and thereby increase the size of your erections somewhat. There have been very few studies done in this area, and most evidence for these pills is anecdotal, but those who asked themselves ‘how to enlarge my penis‘ have reported success in gaining larger erections through pills.

Exercises are another area that you may look at when deciding ‘how to enlarge my penis’. Jelqing is the most common and is centuries old. In jelqing, you essentially ‘milk’ your Penis to help solve the conundrum of ‘how to enlarge my penis’. Studies have shown some slight size increases, but the process must be done regularly. Also useful are pumps, which are normally used not by men deciding ‘how to enlarge my penis’, but by those with Erectile troubles. But some studies found that the pumps actually added slight length to the penis with regular use, making them another option.

If you’re asking yourself ‘how to enlarge my penis’, you could end up using extenders or weights. These devices apply even pressure to the penis and some men who’ve asked themselves ‘how to enlarge my penis’ have found success with them. In fact, some studies have shown that the methods can sometimes add as much as an inch in some cases. Like most other methods available for men deciding ‘how to enlarge my Penis ‘, these techniques are effective only if done regularly. So, although there’s no way short of surgery to add several inches to your penis, there are some options that can cause slight improvements in size.