How to Enlarge the Penis in 4 Simple Ways?

by Nick Swanson

For some women, size does matter. It’s the only way they can get the good end of the deal. Sexual intercourse should be a two way traffic, a give and take situation. If the man has a small penis, the intended reciprocity is lost the woman will not reach the satisfaction she deserves.

How to Enlarge the Penis in 4 Simple Ways

Fortunately, there are techniques to enlarge the penis. Here are some of the exercises you can try in order to improve the size of your penis (just pick the right activity for you):

Regular Stretching

Every day, you go private and do the penis stretching exercise. This entails squeezing and pulling the penis consistently. Breath as you stretch it and hold it for a couple of seconds without hurting yourself. After the stretch and hold, release it but maintain the grip as you exhale for 2 seconds.

This exercise will enhance your penis size both in the flaccid and erect state. However, you must do the exercise when your penis is not erect. When you get an erection, wait until your penis subside.

The Jelq

Among the exercise techniques to enlarge the penis, the Jelq is the most popular. You need baby oil for this exercise. To start this exercise, make an “OK” sign with your thumb and index finger. Then curve it around your penis while its semi erect. “Milk” your penis in a forward movement. This motion will force more blood towards the glans. It also motivates the vascularity in the corpora cavernosum.

Wake Up Cloth

Wet a small towel with warm water. Cover it around your penis and testicles. Hold it for one minute. After that remove the towel for 2 minutes then repeat the process again for 5 times.

Using a Ball

In this exercise, you can use a tennis ball. Put the ball around the area which is referred to as tainted. As you do this, you must contract your penis as if you are stopping the flow of your urine. Hold it for about 15 seconds and then let it go.

Complement these exercises with herbal supplements. These are, actually, the other techniques to enlarge the penis. There are dozens of natural male enhancement pills which can support your regular penis exercise. One of the most common benefits these supplements do is to increase and improve the flow of blood towards the penis. The steady supply of blood in the penile area makes it possible for a person to reach and maintain erection. However, sometimes, the vessels where blood flow get damaged and blocked and these result in the inability to get an erection which is medical parlance is called “erectile dysfunction”.

Fortunately, there are natural ingredients found around the globe that can safely remedy the above mentioned problem. Some of these powerful substances are yohimbe, ginseng, and ginkgo biloba. Look for these substances in the ingredient list of the enhancement product.