Understanding How to Enlarge Your Penis Safely?

If you are wondering how to enlarge your penis, you need to use your head in the process. Many grown men have insecurity around the size of their penis. In some cases, they may have a smaller penis than many others do. In other cases, they just have the perception of a size problem. In the end, it really does not matter. The condition, real or perceived, causes embarrassment and can lead to sexual function problems related to self-perception. There are tons of supplements, devices, ointments, and pills on the market that claim to help the issue. Some are benign. Others are potentially dangerous. A few seem to work. Others do not.

How to enlarge your penis

A solution on how to enlarge your penis is penis-lengthening surgery. This is a procedure with a great deal of controversy around it. The American Urological Association has severe reservations about the safety of the procedure. It involves cutting the ligament that holds the penile tissues in position against the body. The lack of support brings about a natural lengthening. Overall, most patients get an extra half inch added after surgery. Many patients are unsatisfied with the results having unrealistic expectations before the surgery. The AUA recommends patients go through counseling before surgery.

There are devices on the market that use gravity and tension to lengthen the penis. These devices require men to wear them on their penises for several hours per day. Some men see results within a few months. Others see results only after wearing the device for years. It is best to look for realistic reviews on any product you plan on trying. If you only see positive reviews, you may be looking at an advertisement instead of an honest review. You need to use caution when learning how to enlarge your penis.

Herbs are another option for how to enlarge your penis. However, those herbal remedies usually have no scientific studies to back them up. For those who need help getting an erection, there are herbal preparations with horny goat weed and the amino acid L-arginine that can help. However, it will not enlarge the size of the male sexual organ. Another option is a technique called “jelqing.” This method involves intensely stroking the penis for several hours continuously. However, using this method can also cause medical conditions like Peyronie’s disease. The best option is to talk to your doctor and weigh your options carefully.