How to Get the Wildest Sex of Your Life?

By | Updated November 19, 2018
by Jason Vredenburg

Wildest Sex of Your Life

Sex is not as formulaic as it seems in the movies. Even if you have the most curvaceous woman in town by your side, it’s not always easy to sustain quality erections. Maybe you’ve wanted to make her mouth foam with the loudest screams of pleasure.

Or maybe, you might’ve come here to know how to resurrect the rough and wildest sex you always had before or maybe, you just want to add some spice to your boring sexual routine.

Whatever your sexual dilemma, here are some tips and insider secrets to make sure that you both get the wildest sex of your lives (no more faking it for her!).

Unleash Your Inner Animal

Make sure that you’re always ready and able to have thick hard erections because you’ll never know when she’s ready for a bit of rough and tumble under the sheets. Some women find that “sexy music” doesn’t do much for them. If you want to have background music, keep it simple and loud enough to cover a whimper here or a mini-scream there.

The background of a rainforest could make a surprisingly good background song for lovemaking! Lush rolling waves work better for some people though.

Supplements Are for Everyone

If you’re having problems with maintaining thick hard erections, you could always to supplements that help increase blood flow to your penis.

A lot of herb-based supplements are readily available and proven safe and effective for regular, long-term usage. Compared to oral medication, these are considerably safer but just as effective.

Pay Attention to Your Stress (and Hers!)

If you both have been complacent lately but are not having the best sex of your lives, it could be that stress is affecting your libido.

An increased intake of caffeine, nicotine, and energy boosters will affect your performance in the sack. You could lessen your intake of these stress-inducers and eat a healthier diet.

Men who have healthy bodies without much extra fat have a better chance of attaining and maintaining thick hard erections. If your partner is stressed, try going out for a bit of relaxation and getting a massage every now and then.

Don’t Be Afraid To Be Naughty

Send sexy emails every now and then. Send text messages peppered with all the things you want to do to your partner when you both get home.

Tell her how you find her ears really pretty and how you want to kiss those and nibble on them before proceeding to kiss other erogenous parts of her body. The secret to wildest sex is learning how to build up anticipation.

Don’t be afraid to tell her all the things you want to do to her – but do so with some romance! And ask her in return what she wants you to do to her. This way, you’ll both be more satisfied with your lovemaking sessions. If you are looking for some supplement for the better enhancement you might take advantage from Zytenz Review.