How to have Sex for Longer Time?

Few things are as frustrating as being labeled a ‘two minute man’. According to most studies, the average guy lasts about 5 minutes from the moment of penetration to ejaculation. Those who ejaculate in 90 seconds or less on a regular basis are considered to be suffering from premature ejaculation. But even if you do make it past that five minute mark, the odds are that you want to add a little extra boost to your sexual stamina. Lasting longer means better chances of really pleasing your partner, and it’s well worth trying. As a result, learning how to increase sexual stamina is high on the ‘must do’ list for most guys. Here are a few ways to go about doing just that.

    How to have Sex for Longer Time?
  • Start off by adding male enhancement products to your daily regimen. These supplements can help provide a big boost to your sexual stamina and also increase your erection size and strength. They’ll give you the kind of foundation you need to build on, and are the best first step towards maximum sexual stamina. Male enhancement products are more effective than most realize, and aren’t something you should overlook.
  • Consider changing positions. Certain positions simply feel better and hug the penis tighter. When you want to boost sexual stamina, try letting her get on top while you’re in a sitting or lying position. Missionary position can also help prolong ejaculation.
  • Learn to identify the sensations that announce an orgasm is approaching, and practice the pinch technique. Once you feel that you’re about to ejaculate, slip out of her and pinch your penis near its base firmly. Wait for the sensation to pass, give it a few more seconds, and return to your fun. This is a great time to kiss, caress, and tease her.
  • Don’t be afraid to slip on a condom, either, even if you don’t need one. Condoms can desensitize the penis and help you last a lot longer. Desensitizing creams are out there as well, but a condom works and costs less money in the process.

Simply put, starting by adding male enhancement products to your daily regimen and then focusing on the other steps listed above could provide you the boost to sexual stamina that you need. With a few easy steps you may be able to improve your stamina and impress your partner. There’s no need to go through your days as a two minute man!