How to Have the Best Sex of Your Life

If you’re not that good in the sack, it’s a bit hard to tell. Unless of course if the woman you are with is completely honest with you which is usually not the case. If you find that your lover is not really into sex and would rather masturbate on her own, take that as a big warning bell that you’re both having bad sex! So are you having bad sex? It’s your own fault – get solutions!

How to Have The Best Sex Of Your Life

Warm Her Up

Not all women climax easily. Actually, a bigger percentage of women have difficulty achieving orgasms let alone multiple orgasms. One of the reasons could be chalked up to dryness down there. Before anything else, get her ready by kissing her lips (both the lips on her face and down there). Make sure that you use your tongue properly by drawing little circles or gently sucking and biting her (gently!). If she’s not into oral sex, you can always use a vibrator or just use your fingers.

Take Supplements

Although we could easily blame someone else, it could be that the problem really is you! So if you are the one who’s not performing relatively well, you could always take male enhancement supplements to boost your libido and improve your sexual performance. A quick way to boost both of your libidos is by eating chocolate. However, the aphrodisiac effects of chocolate are so mild that you have to consume copious amounts of the product in order to enjoy its wonderful effects. This is why it would be better to take natural male enhancement supplements which are significantly safer compared to their drug counterpart.

Have a Quick Vacation

Have you confirmed that you are you having bad sex? It’s your own fault –get solutions! If your abode is not conducive for a romantic experience, why not drive out of town for a quick honeymoon of sorts. This way, you can always be assured that you both have a place you can go to and escape when you are both feeling stressed or just plain bored in the bedroom. Plus, you can always act out all your role-playing fantasies in your destination of choice. And maybe, just maybe, you wouldn’t need to take all those supplements to help boost your libido.

Last but not the least you can always add more romance to your life by making sure that you both are healthy and fit. Sometimes, seeing that you’re both healthy and fit is enough of a turn-on. Some women with extra flab feel that they aren’t as sexy as their flat-stomached counterparts. The same goes for men! So if you both think that your bodies are hindering you from having good sex, well, you need to do something about it now.

So are you having bad sex? It’s your own fault -get solutions! Start exercising by running outside or investing in a gym membership and follow a good exercise. Also, practice some stretching regularly to become more flexible which is useful for mind-blowing sexual encounters.