How to Improve Penile Length?

by Nick Swanson

Improve Penile Length

Society places a heavy emphasis on the size of a man’s penis. The larger the penis the more the male is viewed as being big and strong. This cultural emphasis on penis size has caused many men, who have smaller penises or believe they have small penises, to search for the answer on how to improve penile length. Luckily, the answer can be found in pills, patches, medical devices and surgeries that are all designed with the intent of helping men who are searching for how to improve penile length.

Pills and patches are the first solution for men who are looking for answers on how to improve penile length. Pills and patches are very popular amongst men who want to increase penile length because they can take the pills or wear the patch secretly without anyone knowing about it. Most pills and patches that claim to be men’s answer to how to improve penile length contain high amounts of testosterone. Medical studies have shown that men who have larger penises had higher amounts of testosterone in their system. Taking the pills and patches is believed to increase the amount of testosterone in the body and help encourage the penis to grow.

Increasing in popularity is the use of a penis extender to improve penile length. A penis extender works to help men who are trying to answer the question on how to improve penile length by extending the male organ for long periods of time in hopes that this will cause the penis to increase in length. Men must wear this small, undetectable rectangular device for hours a day, and after a period of time penis size will be increased. Men who want to take this method on how to improve penile length can find penis extenders through online medical retailers or by visiting an urologist.

An extreme, and rarely used, method on how to improve penile length is through a penis extending surgery. There are two types of penis extending surgeries that are commonly used. The first type of surgery involves a surgeon cutting the small ligaments that hold the penis up. This will help the penis look longer when it is not erect. Another surgery for men who want the answer to how to increase penile length is one that involves injecting fat into the penis so it can appear to look larger. Any surgical procedure can be dangerous which is why these types of surgeries are rarely used to increase penis size.