How to Increase Endurance? – Products that Help You Last Longer in the Bedroom

by Nick Swanson

On average, it takes 18 minutes from the start of sexual intercourse to reach orgasm. Most men at one point or another in their lives find they’re only lasting a couple of minutes—or worse, even less than that.

Sexual endurance isn’t something that most men have naturally, but it can easily be built up with lifestyle changes and products specifically geared to improving stamina.

Before you ask your doctor how to increase endurance, try out a few items to see if they work for you.

How to Increase Endurance

Certain sex toys are designed to help delay and control ejaculation. This is the root of improving endurance in the bedroom—controlling your own ejaculation. A popular product is a ring that snugly fits around the base of the penis to restrict blood flow.

Cutting down on circulation helps delay orgasm, but some men may have problems maintaining their erections with this type of toy.

Another option is to use sex aids on your partner instead. She may not realize that you’re seeking out answers to how to increase endurance, and toys designed for her to more easily and quickly reach orgasm can take off some of that pressure resting on your shoulders.

Research how to increase endurance online and you’ll probably come across the term “desensitizing cream.” This is a popular product that numbs the head of the penis to trick the brain into thinking it’s nowhere near orgasm.

This is one of the best ways you can dull your own sensations to better focus on your partner’s orgasm. The only drawback is that the cream may affect your partner and cause her to lose some sensation, which could affect the length of time it takes for her to orgasm.

If this happens, it may defeat the purpose of having enough endurance to last until she reaches orgasm.

Desensitizing creams and toys may help build endurance if they’re used consistently and over time, but condoms may help from day one. Using a condom or, if you already use protection, a thicker condom during sex can dull some of the direct sensations, making you last longer in bed.

You may also try to extend foreplay beforehand and take regular breaks from intercourse to massage and caress other erogenous zones. The great thing about doing this is that your partner will think you’re merely spending extra time and care meeting her needs rather than trying to prolong your endurance.