How to Increase Stamina? – Enjoy the Moment

When researching how to increase stamina you will undoubtedly come across all sorts of advice regarding products and lifestyle changes that are proven to help, but what if you need to prolong your sexual encounter now? Most men don’t understand that premature ejaculation has little to do with sexual stamina. The best thing you can possible do to overcome premature ejaculation is to take a deep breath and slow down lovemaking. This may be a lot different from the usual way in which you have developed your sexual techniques, but it will help you enjoy the moment for longer, making sex better for both you and your partner.

How to Increase Stamina?

Unlike men, women need sufficient time to reach that point of full arousal. If you already have a head start on her, you won’t last long enough to help her achieve orgasm. When trying to figure out how to increase stamina in the bedroom, slow down and focus on your partner instead. Begin stimulating her with caresses and massage, perform oral sex or use sex toys. Extending foreplay alone will help her reach orgasm more quickly and easily, taking the male issue of stamina out of the picture.

Couples that want to learn how to increase stamina together should take sex slow. Try products that dull penile sensation for the man while using exciting, tingling oils for the woman. Using a desensitizing cream on the penis can help prolong orgasm, as can using extra thick condoms. No matter which products you decide to try, take your time and let the excitement build. The more often you take sex slow and prolong orgasm for both of you, the easier it becomes for your brains to settle into the habit of having a slower, more quality-filled lovemaking session.

Perhaps you’re trying to figure out how to increase stamina on your own without telling your partner. If this is the case, try to visualize a non-arousing situation when you feel ejaculation is looming. This can be anything, but try to imagine the most boring, non-stimulating image possible. Another idea is to focus on the wall or headboard to try and clear your mind. Take deep breaths and relax. The key to prolonging sexual endurance is that practice makes perfect. Whether you are trying to figure it all out during sex or using masturbation as a test run, the more often you focus on increasing sexual stamina the easier it will be in the long run.