How to Increase Your Fertility? – Natural Ways to Increase Your Fertility

If you are experiencing difficulty conceiving a child it may not be because you aren’t man enough, or because of a lack of sperm. It could simply be because you are not trying to conceive when you and your partner are most fertile. There are several things both males and females can do to increase their fertility and hopefully make it easier for them to conceive. If you are looking into how to increase your fertility, the following three examples are ways people have had success with increasing their fertility.

How to increase your fertility

The first way to learn how to increase your fertility is to know exactly when you are most fertile. Men are typically fertile all month long, but women’s bodies are built differently and when they are most fertile will vary. You can use a fertility calendar to chart when a woman’s monthly cycles and ovulation occurs. Charting this can help you understand when a woman is most fertile. Women experience an increase in fertility closer to ovulation. Couples who are looking to conceive will want to try and time intercourse as close to ovulation as possible.

The second way to learn how to increase your fertility is to start consuming a healthy, well-balanced diet that is rich in vitamins and nutrients. Well-balanced diets are essential to learning how to increase your fertility because it helps the body produce quality sperm and eggs. The higher the quality of the sperm and egg, the better chance you stand of conceiving a child. Well-balanced diets can also help increase hormone production which can help both males and females feel energized and ready to try to conceive a child. If you are looking into how to increase your fertility, a dietician can help you design a diet that helps you get the essential vitamins and nutrients you need to increase fertility.

The third way to learn how to increase your fertility is to consider taking herbal supplements that are designed to increase hormone production. Herbal supplements are a great way to increase hormone production without resorting to actually taking the specific hormones. Examples of herbal supplements that can help increase hormone production and therefore increase fertility include maca, vitex and tribulus. Some products are designed specifically to increase the reproductive system of males or females. If you are considering looking into how to increase your fertility you may want to consider adding these herbal supplements to your daily diet.