How to Make My Penis Grow Large and Long?

by Nick Swanson

One of the most common questions that guys ask themselves is how to make my penis grow. The simple fact is that those with a smaller than average penis will face a lot of issues. Even if their partner is satisfied, they may not be. A small penis can cause self esteem issues, nervousness during sexual encounters, and low levels of confidence. In some cases, the stress of having a small penis may even cause erectile dysfunction brought on by psychological issues. Because of this, many men with a small penis end up asking themselves ‘how to make my penis large?’

How to Make My Penis Grow Large and Long?

There are a few different options when you’re trying to make your penis grow larger. It’s important to remember a couple of key things before you start, however. First, the fact is that it can take a long time to notice results. There are no magic bullets and no matter what kind of promises something makes, you aren’t going to try something and get an extra inch of length the next day. Patience and diligence is needed. Additionally, note that most of the options for increasing penis size actually pertain to erection size, not flaccid length.

With that in mind, the following options could help.

  • Supplements – Some supplements seem to help boost overall penis size when erect by increasing circulation. When circulation is increased, the resulting erection is larger and harder. This could help add length and size to the penis.
  • Penis Pumps – Penis pumps need to be used regularly in order to provide any noticeable benefits. Temporarily, they’ll generate a much larger and harder erection. On the long term, they can help to provide permanent penis length and in around one third of men in a recent study an increase of around 1/4 inch occurred after twelve weeks. 30 Percent of men report being satisfied with results from a pump.
  • Exercises – There are a number of different exercises that could help as well. These involve pulling the penis in a very specific manner known as ‘jelqing’ in order to increase blood pressure and promote an increase in the penile cavities. Used with supplements, the results could be impressive.
  • Trimming – Simply put, trimming or shaving pubic hair or losing weight can actually increase the size of the penis in terms of appearance. It won’t physically be larger, but it will look as though it is grown.

Combining the above options may be able to provide results that will satisfy you and your partner.