How to Prevent Early Ejaculation? – Retrain Your Brain

by Cheryl Powers

Most men who have a problem with trying to figure out how to prevent early ejaculation have actually taught themselves how to orgasm quickly. Years of rapid masturbation in youth can condition the brain to prematurely ejaculate in an adult relationship. Although it’s more difficult to retrain the brain than to learn healthy habits from scratch, it is possible to recondition the body to have more endurance during lovemaking. Just be prepared to have a lot of patience.

How to Prevent Early Ejaculation

Even though quick masturbatory release may have gotten you into this situation in the first place, masturbation may just be the thing to help get you out. This is because practice makes perfect when trying to learn how to prevent early ejaculation, and there are only two ways to practice: with a partner or with yourself. Using masturbation to learn your own levels of arousal and ways to put a stop to ejaculation can take the pressure off learning these things with a partner. Try a technique where, as soon as you feel ejaculation is approaching, firmly squeeze the shaft or head of the penis to stop the blood circulation. If this technique seems a bit much and causes you to lose the erection completely, simply try stopping just before orgasm. You can use either of these methods during sex to prolong the experience.

Researching how to prevent early ejaculation will no doubt bring up the issue of proper breathing. Learn to control your breathing and you begin to control your own body. Breathe deeply, deep into your belly, and visualize the breaths as calm and cleansing. When you’re focused on something other than your genital stimulation, the chances of premature ejaculation are diminished. Trying to synchronize your deep breathing with that of your partner can even make you feel more connected during sex.

Mastering your pubococcygeus (PC) muscles will also help. If you don’t know where your PC muscles are, try to stop your urine stream while you are in the bathroom. Only do this to locate the muscle so you can contract it on your own without urinating. Also contract the muscles around your anus and scrotum, which are a little easier to identify. You can do these pelvic floor muscle exercises at any time and nobody will suspect you are mastering your sexual muscles. Flex and relax these muscles a few times each day and even during sex to better learn how to prevent early ejaculation.