How to Prevent Premature Ejaculation?

by Nick Swanson

Men that have a problem with premature ejaculation ejaculate too soon, which means before or shortly after penetration and before the man wants too. This can increase a man’s anxiety in sexual situations and make the problem worse. Premature ejaculation is an embarrassing problem for many men, and one of the most common sexual problems among men of all ages today. Research shows that one in three men will experience this problem in their lifetime. So, men may wonder how to prevent premature ejaculation. Most cases of premature ejaculation have no clear cause, and the problem usually improves with age. However, men with the problem want to know how to prevent premature ejaculation.

How to Prevent Premature Ejaculation

Before men can find out how to prevent premature ejaculation, they must first determine the underlying cause. Sometimes it occurs with a new partner or only in a certain type of sexual situation. There are times when it happens if it has been a long time since the man ejaculated. Other psychological problems, such as depression, anxiety or guilt can cause the problem in some men. There are also cases where certain medications, injuries or hormonal problems make it difficult to prevent premature ejaculation. Once a man discovers the cause, he is one step closer to learning how to prevent premature ejaculation in his particular situation.

Premature ejaculation is diagnosed after a doctor examination and a complete medical and sexual history. The doctor may also ask to speak with the man’s partner in his search to find out how to prevent premature ejaculation in a specific case. Blood and laboratory test may also be conducted to rule out an underlying medical cause, but medical causes are not common. Once the doctor has determined the cause he can better help the patient with methods of how to prevent premature ejaculation and enjoy better sexual satisfaction.

In the majority of cases, even if the male does not find out how to prevent premature ejaculation, the problem may resolve on its own given time. Simple things, like practicing relaxation exercises and using distraction may help a man learn how to prevent premature ejaculation. For some men, certain lifestyle changes may help, such as cutting back on alcohol, illegal drugs or cigarettes. If the problem persists, the doctor may ask the man’s partner learn techniques on how to prevent premature ejaculation. The two can work together to help the problem and increase satisfaction for both partners.