How to Prolong Ejaculation? – Methods to Lasting Delaying Ejaculation

by Nick Swanson

It is true that sexually men are aroused and have an orgasm much more quickly compared to women. So, if the man if having problems with premature ejaculation, this makes the sexual experience unsatisfying for his partner and embarrassing for the man. To solve this problem a man needs to learn how to prolong ejaculation. There are several ways to do this, such as through breathing exercises and other techniques as well as medications. Medications are generally prescribed for a medical cause, but if there is not an underlying medical condition, however, the man must learn how to prolong ejaculation with breathing and other techniques.

How to Prolong Ejaculation

When trying learning how to prolong ejaculation, a man needs to be aware of his body signals and timing. Knowing when ejaculation is about to occur is an important step in prolonging ejaculation, because once he is able to pin point that feeling right before climax, his is one step closer to learning how to prolong ejaculation. There are two techniques a man can try once he knows he is aware of his sensations. The first is the squeeze methods and the next is the start and stop technique. Both requires a pause during intercourse by will make it last longer.

The squeeze method is popular for those looking for to learn how to prolong ejaculation. Once the man feels climax approaching, he stops and squeezes the base of the penis for about thirty seconds before resuming penetration. The start and stop technique still requires a pauses in intercourse, but the man does not have to withdraw the penis. He needs to stop and take relaxing breaths for about 30 seconds before resuming to stop the orgasm and prolong ejaculation. Both methods are good advice for those who want to learn how to prolong ejaculation when there is no underlying medical cause.

If these techniques for how to prolong ejaculation do not work, there are other options. Men can buy creams, gels or sprays that are topically applied to make the penis less sensitive and help prolong ejaculation. There are also climax control condoms on the market as well. If none of these items work and you still do not know how to prolong ejaculation, talk with your doctor. There are many types of prescription drugs that men can try to help with the problem. Men may also choose an over-the-counter climax control supplement as well. Most men are willing to learn techniques for how to prolong ejaculation or take medication to help the problem.