How to Regain Sex Drive After 40?

by Nick Swanson

It is said that men are at their peak of sexual performance at the age of 18. At this age, they can perform actively in bed and do it over and over again without getting tired easily. Most men would probably wish their sex drive would stay that way forever, however, as they age, their sex drives also begins to decline.

According to studies, men lose 1% of their testosterone every year. If their sex drive begins to decline at 30 years old, they’ve lost 10% by the age of 40 and that says a lot. This dip in testosterone does not only cause the loss of sex drive, it can also be accompanied by mood swings, weight gain and depression. Often referred to as the “andropause” stage of a man’s life, men are often on the quest on how to regain sex drive after 40.

Steps to Regain Sex Drive After 40

How to Regain Sex Drive After 40

The first step a man should do is to get back to his normal weight. Men who want to regain sex drive after 40 should maintain a normal body weight. Being of fit weight increases build up of lean muscles and decreases fat build up. A body that feels lighter also tends to have more energy to perform sex satisfyingly.

Men can also enrich their diets with food that will further enhance their sex drive. These foods include:

  • Oysters, the most popular aphrodisiacs. It is abundant in zinc which increases the production of testosterone.
  • Celery, a good source of androsterone. It is a hormone known to turn women on as well increase sexual stimulation.
  • Banana. It is rich in riboflavin which help boost energy level, as well as bromelain enzyme which is said to reverse male impotence.
  • Eggs. They contain enzymes that help alleviate stress and achieve hormonal balance.
  • Dark chocolates. It contains phenylethylamine, a substance often regarded as the “love hormone”

Aside from eating these foods, men over 40 may also opt for natural male enhancement products to boost their libido, such as Virectin. Virectin is a revolutionary formula which helps men achieve their optimum sexual performance. It contains a unique blend of herbs such as wild oats, tribulus terristris, tongkat ali, fenugreek seed, as well as other potent substances like L-Arginine, Niacin and Zinc which help increase blood flow to the penis and sustain sexual stamina that make men and their partners become fully satistified. Furthermore, Virectin is said to:

  • Increase testosterone production
  • Produce lasting erections
  • Reduce premature ejaculations
  • Enhance sexual pleasure

All in all, Virectin is a safe and effective product that can help men regain their sex drive after 40.


Men can either shrug off their loss of sex drive as a normal part of aging, or they can still perform satisfactorily in bed with the aid of the right approach. And if men should feel the need to enlist a male enhancement product to their cause, opting for natural ones such as Virectin will always be the best choice.