How to Satisfy the Sexiest Women in Bed?

by Nick Swanson

Being able to satisfy a woman is every man’s challenge. But if you have to satisfy the sexiest women, the pressure builds up. You have to be the perfect lover and give her mind-blowing orgasms. But how does one do that? Here’s a how-to guide in order to satisfy the sexiest women in bed.

Be Open to Talk About Sex

Satisfy the Sexiest Women in Bed

The best way to satisfy the sexiest women in bed is by being able to talk about sex. This includes talking about your sexual fantasies and desires, what turns you both on and in what ways you are most stimulated. Being able to communicate openly about sex opens you to new ideas and gives you a hint on how you can further improve your performance.

Don’t Skip Foreplay

Don’t just dive into the dish in front of you. Instead, take time to enjoy the whole experience to build up the anticipation. Foreplay sets the mood and gets your lady stimulated. You should remember that women take more time to get into the groove than men, thus you need to have more patience by adding a little variety. Whispering sweet nothings, kissing and caressing will help lubricate her more so that when you finally penetrate her, she’s more than willing and ready for you.

Go Down South

As much as it is pleasurable for you when she performs oral sex, it’s also a heavenly experience for her as long as you know what you’re doing. Your tongue is as useful as your penis, so use it wisely. Go down on her and rest assured she won’t be able to think of anything else but having you in her.

Be Experimental and Adventurous

One position for a long time can be boring, if not painful. Try varying your positions. You could also try doing it outside the bedroom, such as the kitchen, the living room or bath tub for a more thrilling experience. You can also try taking it outdoors as long as you don’t get caught.

Compliment Her

Tell her how great she is and she’s bound to do more. It also boosts her self-esteem and tells her she’s doing everything right. Let her know how beautiful and sexy she is by constantly giving her compliments. Do this when least expects it and you might be rewarded with something unexpected.

Putting Her First

If you want to satisfy the sexiest women in bed, you shouldn’t be selfish. You should give in to her needs first before your own. Prioritize what she prefers and let her feel loved and wanted. You should also let her orgasm first. Learn to control your yearning to climax before she has been fully satisfied.


Keeping your woman happy in bed means you have to be a selfless, confident and adventurous. Give her what she needs and put in more than what is expected. For sure, your woman will be satisfied and will ask for more.