How to Stop Early Ejaculation? – You Can Find Ways to Last Longer

If you’re having trouble lasting a long time in the bedroom, you may be wondering how to stop early ejaculation. There are plenty of things you can do in order to try to have a longer and more satisfying sexual experience, so there’s no reason why you have to suffer in silence. Talking openly with your partner about this issue is important, and it’s also important to talk to your doctor. He may have ideas that you can explore and may be able to suggest treatments that can help you have more stamina and last longer.

How to stop early ejaculation

For some men who have a lot of trouble with early ejaculation, doctors will prescribe antidepressants. These aren’t for everybody, though, and you may not be a good candidate. The reason that they SSRI type of antidepressant works in some men is that these antidepressants have the side effect of making it more difficult to have an orgasm. Naturally, most people wouldn’t want anything to do with that side effect, but for men with early ejaculation problems it can actually be very helpful to take something that slows down their reaction to sexual stimuli.

You don’t necessarily have to take medication if you’re wondering how to stop early ejaculation, though. You can also use simple techniques that you can try without going to your doctor. One of those techniques is the distraction method. When you get close to ejaculation, you’ll need to distract yourself by thinking of something else until you regain control. At that point, you can go back to focusing on the actual sex act. This distraction technique can often be used a few times during intercourse to help you last longer and give more satisfaction to your partner, but it doesn’t work for every man every time.

Stopping and starting can also help when you’re looking for advice on how to stop early ejaculation. You should stop when you get close to ejaculation, wait for some control to return, and then start again. Like distraction, this can often be use a few times during a sexual experience. You can also practice this technique on your own, through masturbation. If you practice alone, you should generally stop and regain control three times before proceeding, in order to help you learn to last longer each time you have sex or are about to reach orgasm. Again, this may not work every time for every man, but over time it can help you avoid early ejaculation more easily.