How to Stop Ejaculation? – Methods to Stop Premature Ejaculation

One of the most common complaints for men of all ages is the problem of ejaculating before they or their partner is ready. This is not only embarrassing for the male, but makes the sexual encounter unsatisfying for both partners. Research shows the one in three men will experience this problem and want to learn how to stop ejaculation and make the intercourse last longer. There is not one universal answer to the question of how to stop ejaculation, as the problem of premature ejaculation can stem for many causes depending on the male and his unique sexual situation.

How to Stop Ejaculation

There are techniques and other things men who want to know how to stop ejaculation can try. First, he can try breathing exercise and other tricks to stop ejaculation. One of the most common is the stop and start technique. This requires the man to stop when he reaches the point of climax, and if necessary, remove the penis from the vagina and breathe deeply for 30 seconds before resuming intercourse. Men can repeat this several times if necessary. Sometimes just breathing deeply during intercourse and focusing more on your partner may help the man who wants to know how to stop ejaculation. These may not work for every man, so there are other options.

Wearing a condom can help dull the sensations of intercourse, and there are also desensitizing condoms on the market for those who want to stop ejaculation. Men may wonder how to stop ejaculation by wearing condom. It is simple. Wearing the condom blocks some of the sensation to the penis, as too much stimulation may be the reason for ejaculating too soon. Men can also buy creams, gels and sprays applied topically to the penis and have a desensitizing effect. Unfortunately, the condoms and topical products do not work for all men.

Masturbation and a change in sexual positions are two other methods that may help stop ejaculation. So, men may ask how to stop ejaculation using masturbation. It is thought that masturbating up to two hours before intercourse helps a man last longer as it reduces his desire. The question of how to stop ejaculation by changing sexual positions has a simple answer. If a man notices that he reaches climax faster in a certain position, such as missionary, then changing positions to the partner on top may help him last longer during sexual intercourse. If all else fails, schedule a doctor’s visit and discuss medications options with a physician.