How to Talk About Sexually Transmitted Diseases with Your Girl?

Sexually transmitted diseases commonly referred to as STDs are types of infections that spread from person to person via intimate contact. These diseases can affect both men and women of any age and from any background as long as they are sexually active. STDs are usually highly contagious and people should always take steps to protect themselves from contracting them. There are some STDs that are curable but unfortunately there are still those that do not have a cure yet. Examples of sexually transmitted diseases that still do not have a cure yet includes, the dreaded HIV virus, genital herpes, and Hepatitis B virus.

STDs pose serious health problems to people and if they are not treated in time some of them can even cause irreversible damage to victims like infertility or death in the case of HIV/AIDS. This is why it is very important to discuss issues of sexually transmitted diseases with your lady.

So how do you start talking about STDs with your lady?

When you and your partner have decided to have sex it is better to talk openly about STDs before you start the action. Most men often get embarrassed discussing sexually transmitted infection with their ladies. This is normal but there are better ways that you can bring up the topic without feeling embarrassed. You should consider the following things before you start the talk;

Talk About Sexually Transmitted Diseases with Your Girl

Getting the facts beforehand; you will find it easy to talk with her about STDs if you think of them as medical problems that bear severe health complications. When you know the facts about these infections you will be confident and even find it easy to answer some questions that your partner might ask you. You can use a reliable source like CDC to do your research to get the facts about STDs.

Understand what you want from the discussion; you will not know if your partner has an STD or not by just looking at her. This is why it is important to make her understand that you both need to go and get tested for STDs to be aware of your status before engaging in sex. You also need to be sure that your partner agrees to you using a condom. It is important to ask her if she has ever had a sexually transmitted infection before. If you have a sexually transmitted infection, it is important that you tell her before having sex with her.

If you find it hard to talk to her try to figure out why; try to figure out why you find it hard to initiate a talk with her. Is it due to low self esteem or shyness or is it because of something else? You may worry that when you start a talk about STDs with her she may assume that you are an STD victim. You may also think that she may reject you by starting such a talk with her. If you are the shy person you could write what you are thinking and then send these to her instated.

You need to plan what you want to say

Conversations that are difficult to initiate can be dealt with by proper planning. You can start by writing down the important points that you will discuss with her. This will ensure that you don’t leave out anything important that you will want to discuss with her. You can carry whatever you have written down so that when you forget something during your discussion with her you can check. Going to the doctor early for testing and knowing your status will also be beneficial to you.

Things to do during the talk

The discussion; choose a calm place where you can have the talk without being interrupted with other people. It is advisable not to wait until when you are about to have sex to bring up the topic. Remember having this kind of talk is a lot easier when people have clothes on.

Commence the talk; you will definitely have to start the talk and you could start of by telling your partner that you will only enjoy sex if both of you are protected.

Watch how she responds; after bringing up the topic, relax and hear what she will tell, if she does not talk be straight and ask her what she thinks about the matter. This is what will help you find out if both of you agree about things.

Tell her that you would like to go for testing; tell her that you wish to go with her for testing to know your statuses.

Listen to what she has to say; listening to what she says will give you clues to she thinks.


Talking with your partner about sexually transmitted diseases will be beneficial to both you and her. Research has found that partners who talk about matters of STDs often are at a reduced risk of getting such infections compared to those who don’t. This makes it important for you to be open with your partner and talk freely with her about STDs before having sex.