How to Treat Erectile Dysfunction Without Medication?

by Nick Swanson

There are few things that can be as frustrating or as embarrassing as erectile dysfunction. The fact is that practically every man will experience it at least once or twice throughout their life, whether caused by nervousness, fatigue, or some other issue. But when it begins to occur on a regular basis and starts to impact your life in other ways, it becomes important to confront the problem and overcome it. ED can cause a lot of issues including:

How to Treat Erectile Dysfunction Without Medication?
  • Relationship problems
  • Embarrassment
  • Depression
  • Lower self esteem
  • And more

While nearly everyone knows about the magic of ‘the little blue pill’, the fact is that if you take the time to take a few simple steps, you can actually treat erectile dysfunction without medication. This isn’t’ always true, and those who have a major underlying health issue may not have much luck without medication’s help. But for a huge number of men, some simple steps could be all that are needed to overcome this problem.

Here are a few of the best ways to overcome erectile dysfunction without the need of medication.

  • Cut out risk factors. If you smoke, use recreational drugs, or drink, you have a much higher risk of ED. These three things all reduce the production of testosterone and could have a direct impact on your sexual performance.
  • Exercise regularly. Not only is obesity a major cause of ED, but aerobic exercise helps to stimulate the overall circulation in your body. Blood flow is a big aspect of erectile dysfunction, and with regular exercise you can increase your circulatory health.
  • Also be sure that you eat healthy. Foods high in fat and cholesterol will block arteries and lead to erectile dysfunction. Take the time to change your diet, and your erections could be stronger than ever.
  • Try alternative treatments. Things like acupuncture have been shown to help, and certain natural supplements and vitamins seem to have the ability to increase circulatory health. These all natural options may be exactly what you need to overcome your problem.
  • Finally, consider counseling. In some cases things like stress, depression, and anxiety all contribute to ED. Performance anxiety can create a vicious cycle that’s hard to break. Counseling could help.

All of these options are worth thinking about when erectile dysfunction is a problem you’re suffering from. If you’re looking for a way to overcome the issue but don’t want to use medications, any of these methods could be worth a try.