How to Treat Low T? – What Treatments are Available for Low T?

by Nick Swanson

When you are suffering from symptoms related to Low T, you may not even realize they can be treated. This is probably because you do not even realize that low testosterone levels are the culprit. The symptoms of Low T are very subtle and also very similar to those caused by other common conditions such as aging and depression. The problem is that aging cannot be treated, and if you treat for depression when there is none, it can cause all kinds of issues. Once you know it is Low T, the question of how to treat Low T becomes the new issue. The answer is not really difficult in the sense that there are plenty of options, but the task of choosing which option is right for you may prove to be no easy task.

How to treat low t

Injections are one of the most common forms of hormone replacement therapy, and at one time it was the only answer to the question of how to treat Low T. It is better than nothing, and many prefer it as the results are rather quick and therapy is only repeated ever so often. However, it is invasive as there is of course a shot involved. This is highly undesirable to some, though they could live with it if it were the only choice. The other drawback is that there could be significant dips or surges in levels between injections.

The FDA recently approved a new answer to the question of how to treat Low T. Abbot has created a testosterone gel that replaces the hormone through skin absorption. While this is much less invasive that the injections, it does have its drawbacks as well. Treatment is continual, and it can take a little while to see results. However, the dosage is more consistent which eliminates some of the dips and surges associated with injections.

So, the answer to how to treat Low T is largely a personal one. Your doctor may have suggestions, and he may even have preferences. However, in the end he will let you know your options and the choice is up to you. The important thing is to determine that Low T is the problem, and then be glad that treatment is available. Hormone replacement therapy is not something that anyone dreams of, but if you suffer from Low T, it can truly be a life saver. At the very least, it can make life enjoyable again.