How to Understand and Treat Retarded Ejaculation?

When most men start looking into male enhancement products, the odds are that they’re trying to find supplements or solutions that can help increase the size of their penis, help them avoid premature ejaculation, and generally improve their ability to perform in the bedroom. But there’s another problem that can occur which is just as frustrating for guys and even for their partners. Retarded ejaculation, also called delayed ejaculation, is essentially the opposite of premature ejaculation.

How to Understand and Treat Retarded Ejaculation?

This condition causes difficulty achieving orgasm or an outright inability to ejaculate. A normal man can generally reach orgasm within a few minutes of intercourse. With practice, prolonging ejaculation for some time is possible. However, men with retarded ejaculation often have prolonged periods of sexual intercourse without ever reaching climax. In many cases, orgasm only comes after 30 to 45 minutes of intercourse, and in other instances men can only ejaculate during masturbation. For guys suffering from premature ejaculation, this may sound like a dream come true but the fact is that it can be incredibly frustrating.

Not only will this issue cause one’s partner to become incredibly sore and unable to enjoy intercourse, but it can also cause them to feel as though they aren’t attractive to their men any longer. It can also be highly frustrating for men suffering from it, and could lead to other conditions In some cases it may enhance sexual pleasure, but eventually it can take its toll on sexual desire.

There are generally either physical or mental causes of delayed ejaculation. Physical causes could be things like diabetes, prostate issues, or high blood pressure. Treating these underlying issues could help overcome the issue outright. Other psychological factors could be at play as well.

Overcoming the problem when specific health issues aren’t to blame can be a bit more complicated. Things like male enhancement products could help increase sensitivity in the penis and boost sexual desire, and significant foreplay may help increase the pleasure that comes when sexual intercourse. For most men, a multi faceted approach is the best solution and the one that will likely lead to actual results.

Retarded ejaculation is something that men may experience and that can seem like a blessing at first. But as time goes on, overcoming this problem will be high on a priority list. Luckily, there are certain ways to go about solving the issue and returning your sexuality to where it once was.