Human Penis Growth – Pills, Patches, Pumps and Surgical Procedures Used to Increase Penis Size

by Nick Swanson

Avoiding the negative connotations that come with having a smaller penis can be avoided by looking for ways to improve human penis growth.

Improving the length of your penis won’t happen overnight but there are many pills, patches, medical devices and surgeries that are intended to help men increase their penis size.

The following are some techniques men can use to try to increase the size of their penis. While none of these methods are guaranteed to help with human penis growth, in some cases men who have used these techniques have had great success and seen significant increases in penis size.

Human Penis Growth

A common method for helping aid human penis growth is the use of pills and penis patches. There are many natural pills on the market that claim to help increase the size of the penis.

These pills contain ingredients that are designed to increase a man’s testosterone levels. It is believed that increased testosterone levels can lead to a larger penis.

The penis patches work using a similar method only instead of ingesting a pill, the patches deliver the testosterone directly into the bloodstream via the patch.

The success rate for human penis growth with the help of pills and patches is still medically untested but some men have seen improvements.

Another commonly used method to increase human penis growth is the use of a penis pump. A penis pump is a suction device that is fitted over the penis and used to increase blood flow and circulation to the penis.

It is believed that with prolong usage of the penis pump the male organ will increase in size. The drawback to the penis pump is that there is potential for serious damage to both the penis and surrounding areas.

If too much pressure is applied to the penis it can cause serious irreversible damage. This potential for serious side effects is why many males avoid using a pump for human penis growth.

Surgical enhancements are another method of human penis growth. Under this medical procedure, a medical professional will cut one or both of the tendons that hold the penis up. When these tendons are cut the penis will appear larger.

Although this is a method of human penis growth it is rarely used as it is considered highly controversial in the medical community. Due to the controversy surrounding it, it can be difficult to find a doctor that is willing to perform such a procedure.