I Have ED – What are My Options?

If you’ve thought to yourself “I have ED,” it may have made you feel depressed. It doesn’t have to, though, because there are many treatment options for people with erectile dysfunction today. Medications that increase blood flow are the most common choices for people with ED. Most men can take these safely, but if you have a heart or vascular condition it may not be something you can handle. That’s also true if your doctor determines that you aren’t healthy enough to engage in sex. Be sure to talk to your doctor about all of your medications and medical conditions, so he can advise you properly.

I Have ED - What are My Options?

Men, overall, would prefer not to talk about things like their sexual dysfunction with their doctor or even with their partner. However, open and honest communication can go a long way toward keeping relationships strong and fostering a spirit of togetherness between you and your health care practitioner. If you have to go to your doctor and say “I have ED ,” that’s nothing to be ashamed of. Many men have ED, especially as they get older. It’s quite common, and nothing that you’ve done wrong. Rather than suffer in silence, see your doctor and get treatment.

If your doctor doesn’t feel that it’s safe for you to take any of the available ED drugs, there may be other options for you. There are some devices that are used to help men achieve and maintain erections, and you may be able to correct or improve your difficulties in the bedroom by changing your diet, losing weight, getting more exercise, or working with your doctor to treat a medical condition that can contribute to erectile dysfunction. Just because you can say “I have ED” doesn’t mean that you can’t do something about it. Having ED is not the end of the world – or even the end of your sex life in most cases.

For men who must refrain from sexual activity for medical reasons, having the “I have ED” conversation with their partner can be difficult. If you’re in that position, talk to your partner honestly about your concerns, so the two of you can work together to find ways in which you can still be intimate. There is much more to intimacy and closeness than sexual intercourse, so consider other ways to bond with your partner and feel close. When you do that, ED won’t be as much of a cause for depression. Life is still good.