Identifying the Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

by Nick Swanson

A male’s incapacity to sustain or gain an erection is called erectile dysfunction. The term is also colloquially called impotence. Men with ED sometimes can get an erection but the penis is not rigid and the erection usually only lasts for several seconds.

Men suffering from ED often bear the consequence of this problem psychologically not least leave their women unfulfilled sexually. This can torment a man inside causing him to lose confidence in himself and embarrassed.

Fortunately erectile dysfunction or ED for short can oftentimes be easily treated. The problem is with men who are too sensitive to bring up this topic to their doctor which then delays their treatment.

Identifying the Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

All adult males can potentially suffer from ED although it is common among men the ages of 60 and above.

Since this problem is treatable, old men can also enjoy having good sex with their partner and enjoy it in the same way as men in their 20s and 30s.

Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

There are many causes for ED. The causes can be psychological or physical in nature. Typical factors for erectile dysfunction can include stress, depression, performance anxiety, cardiovascular disease, illegal and legal drugs, medical condition, age and diabetes. Plus there are also specific causes which are as follows:

  • Poor lifestyle – Men who love drinking alcohol or smoking tobacco are very good candidates for erectile dysfunction. Research has revealed that drinking alcohol can cause low sperm count. The excessive consumption of products with nicotine can lessen one’s sex drive. People living a sedentary life and who do not exercise have a higher chance of acquiring ED than those living an active lifestyle.
  • Medicine – Erectile dysfunction can be one of the side effects of certain meds especially meds that regulate blood pressure. Other medications that can cause ED include cimetidine, antidepressants, and antihistamines. Some medications can affect the function of the nervous system which can seriously damage blood vessels going to the penis causing permanent ED. Strangely though; cocaine is known to be a very potent sexual stimulant.
  • Surgery – Bladder and radical prostate surgery can potentially damage nerves and arteries surrounding the penis and this can cause ED. Surgery that can injure the spinal cord or penis can also be major causes of this disorder.
  • Psychological – These factors can include low self esteem, depression, guilt, anxiety and stress. Oftentimes psychiatric help can treat an ED problem. One disturbing cause of ED can be from childhood abuse and other types of trauma that can psychologically be damaging enough to impair a male’s sexual life.

Treatment for ED depends on what caused this condition. Getting medical help can be important but knowing what kind of ED problem you have and changing your lifestyle into an active and healthy one may be all you need to address your ED problem.