Impotence Definition – What is Impotence?

The inability to achieve or maintain an erection along with the inability to have satisfying sexual intercourse is the impotence definition. An erect penis is the result of both stimulation and emotions. The brain, spinal cord and nerves in the penis all work together to control the erection process. It is important for men to know the impotence definition because about one in four over the age of 65 suffers with the problem. Men not only need to know the definition of impotence, but also the symptoms that occur, so they know when to seek help for the condition.

Impotence Definition

Once you know that along with the impotence definition come the common symptoms such as weak erections, loss of libido, an inability to achieve orgasm, the inability to maintain an erection and the inability to get an erection. Once men understand what the impotence definition is and the symptoms that accompany the condition, they will be able to determine if they need to see a doctor based on their symptoms. Doctors understand the definition of impotence and can perform a physical exam to try to determine the cause, so you can begin treatment to and get back to enjoying sexual relations with your partner.

Based on the symptoms a man has the impotence definition may change a bit. Younger men may have short-term impotence that last only a few weeks or a few months before his erectile function returns to normal. However, in older men the impotence definition may differ, as with older men the condition is more likely an ongoing problem that requires medication or other forms of impotence products. So, the impotence definition can change a bit from man to man, but is still a form of erectile dysfunction that requires medical attention to rule out any serious underlying illnesses.

Psychological problems can be part of the impotence definition. Men who were raised by a family that thought of sex as sinful or dirty may be more likely to experience impotence at a young age. Also, fear may play a role in definition of impotence. Fears include anxiety about causing pregnancy, contacting a sexually transmitted disease or fear of getting caught. The impotence definition may also include low self-esteem and inexperience. Finding which cause is at the root of your particular impotence problem will help the doctor recommend the best and safest treatment for you based on your symptoms.