Impotence Erectile Dysfunction – What You Should Know?

by Nick Swanson

Impotence Erectile Dysfunction
One of the most embarrassing problems a man can face is impotence/erectile dysfunction. Whether he’s married or still a single man, this issue can still be a major hurdle in his life. There are various causes that have been linked to the problem, some of them more serious than others. Like any medical condition, knowing everything that you can about impotence/erectile dysfunction will help you assess and overcome it. Your doctor can help tremendously, but knowing the basics of impotence/erectile dysfunction before you speak with them will help make the initial conversation a bit easier for you to manage.

First of all, you should recognize that you aren’t alone in dealing with impotence/erectile dysfunction. For many men the first and most difficult hurdle to overcome is nothing more than mustering up the courage to actually ask for help. Our manhood has been closely linked to sexual performance for so long that suffering from impotence/erectile dysfunction can seem like a shameful thing. In truth between seventeen and forty percent of men suffer from the problem depending upon age group, with it being more common as you grow older. It’s also caused by medical conditions instead of your own prowess. Knowing this, you shouldn’t hesitate to ask your doctor for help with impotence/erectile dysfunction.

There are two types of impotence/erectile dysfunction. Most commonly it is caused by physical issues that don’t allow enough blood to enter the penis. Underlying causes of this could be medications, substance abuse, low testosterone, obesity, or other medical issues. Psychological impotence/erectile dysfunction is also a very real possibility, and involves mental and emotional factors that prevent erections from occurring. Depression, performance anxiety, relationship problems, and even stress can all cause the issue to occur. Understanding the root cause of your impotence/erectile dysfunction is important when you set out to overcome it, and could even result in uncovering dangerous underlying issues.

The treatments available for impotence/erectile dysfunction are varied. Most include medications like Cialis or Viagra, but your doctor may suggest other remedies as well. The aforementioned drugs work by increasing the amount of blood that flows into the penis and are highly effective. Beyond this are many other options including injections made directly into the penis, testosterone replacement therapy, or – in extreme cases – penis implants that help you achieve an erection. For most with impotence/erectile dysfunction, however, the prescription drugs such as Cialis will be more than adequate and will work for most sufferers of the problem. Your doctor can help you find the one that works best for your impotence/erectile dysfunction.