Impotence Help – Seeking Impotence Help from a Medical Professional

by Nick Swanson

Impotence Help

While there are many natural and herbal supplements that claim to help erectile dysfunction, some men find that they are either immune to them or that their body does not respond as intended to these natural and herbal supplements. When a man doesn’t respond to the natural and herbal treatments it may be time to seek the help of medical professional who is trained in impotence help. Seeing a doctor for impotence help may at first be embarrassing but there are many things your doctor may try that can help you overcome your erectile dysfunction.

The first thing your healthcare provider will do when trying to get you impotence help is have you complete a health questionnaire. The health questionnaire will help give your healthcare provider an idea of what might be the cause of your erectile dysfunction. The questionnaire will be filled with easy questions regarding your diet, stress levels, medical conditions you may have, and any medications you may be taking. The questionnaire will also contain some personal questions such as how long you can hold an erection, if you notice your erection is effected by stress, and how long you have encountered this problem. It is important that you answer these questions honestly as the information provided will help get you the impotence help you need.

After completing the health questionnaire your healthcare provider will conduct a physical examination of your genitalia, nervous system, and urinary systems. The exam may include a blood pressure screening as high blood pressure is linked to erectile dysfunction. The physical exam is necessary as it helps your healthcare provider eliminate any physical causes such as testicular cancer, diabetes, plaque buildup in the penis and other problems that may be the cause of your impotence.

Your healthcare provider will combine the information he or she receives from your health questionnaire and physical exam to get you the impotence help you need. Impotence help can come in the form of medications and prescriptions that are designed to help treat erectile dysfunction to advice on what lifestyle changes you can make that will improve your impotence. If a medical condition such as diabetes or testicular cancer is causing your impotence your doctor will help get you treat these conditions. Seeking impotence help from a medical professional may be embarrassing but it can help you find a cause for your erectile dysfunction and find a course of treatment that will help your impotence.