Impotence In Men – Important Facts

As men age, mens impotence often occurs naturally. After the age of 40, low testosterone levels may gradually reduce the libido. Many senior citizens have a significantly less active sex drive, and may take prescription drugs like Viagra to compensate for this, although sometimes the sex drive remains relatively the same throughout a man’s life. In less fortunate circumstances, a man’s sex drive putters off as early as his 20s or 30s. Sometimes this is related specifically to the onset of a disease, such as diabetes that prevents proper blood flow. Without good circulation, the penis is unable to become erect because it does not receive proper levels of blood. In addition, erectile dysfunction could be related to an early diagnosis of congenital heart failure. This makes a trip to the doctor with a sexual disorder like this important on a multitude of levels.

To regulate blood flow levels, drugs like Viagra increase circulation, and therefore allow most men to sustain sexual arousal and erections for longer periods of time. Although, contrary to popular belief, male enhancement pills like Viagra are not actually aphrodisiacs. Male erectile dysfunction treatment could also include lifestyle and dietary changes, as well. Often a combination of factors may be to blame for mens Impotence<. For instance, smoking cigarettes, remaining overweight, decreasing testosterone levels, and even psychological considerations as well. It’s important to overcome the initial shyness that may be experienced when visiting a doctor for sexual health related issues. Because mens impotence may be part of a wider series of symptoms related to other more dangerous diseases, it becomes very important not to neglect such a disorder and to seek male dysfunction treatment right away. Often, when entering a doctor’s office for the first time, they will perform a variety of tests including a physical exam of the penis, and sometimes even a prostate exam. The doctor will also ask you a number of questions, such as whether you can achieve erection or orgasm through masturbation, and whether the erectile dysfunction is only related to specific circumstances.

If the disorder is only related to your partner, the cause of the mens Impotence could be psychological. In this circumstance, you may be directed to a sex therapist, along with your spouse. A few possibilities from this angle include depression or high-stress, or perhaps a conflict that has not been fully resolved, and is expressing itself through an inadequate sex life or a lack of sexual arousal Remember that just stepping through the door, or making the first appointment, may be the hardest step of all in this process.